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Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheese

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 Dr. Cow’s Tree Nut Cheese is raw and created via traditional artisanal techniques to offer a unique vegan cheese unlike anything else available. Not to be confused with vegan cheeses that imitate everyday flavors, these tree nut cheeses are designed to stand alone as would a high-grade artisanal cheese, to be enjoyed for their individual flavors rather than simply being a topping for another dish. Serve by itself, with crackers or pastries, or drizzle agave nectar lightly over thinly-sliced pieces for a true gourmet delight. Available in seven flavors:

Aged Cashew & Dulse Cheese is a whitish cheese with purple dots, aged for 3 months. Made from organic raw cashews and delicious sea algae dulse. This firm cheese does not have a sea veggie taste at all, but rather a salty, very cheesy flavor that is outstanding. Our favorite here at Vegan Essentials! 2.6 oz. package is $11.29.

Aged Cashew & Crystal Manna Algae Cheese is aged for 3 months and has a sea-foam or light blue color. Made from organic raw cashew nuts and Crystal Manna (blue-green algae) flakes, it is firm and mellow with a hint of tanginess. 2.6 oz. package is $10.99.

Aged Cashew Cheese is gold or blonde in color, aged for 3 months, and made from raw organic cashew nuts. It is firm but creamy, mellow but able to be smeared on crackers or pastries. With a naturally sharp flavor, this cheese has a flavor and texture very similar to gourmet artisanal cheese that is of the highest quality. Contains no dairy, gluten, lactose or soy. 2.6 oz. package is $10.99.

Aged Macadamia Cheese is made from organic macadamia nuts and is rolled in mixed herbs for a delightful presentation and flavor. An ideal snack or cheese course for two, this flavor is also excellent for crumbling over other dishes as a wonderful complement. It also is ideal for smearing on crackers or pastries, too, and is free of dairy, gluten, lactose and soy. 2.6 oz. package is $13.99.

Aged Cashew and Brazil Nut Cheese is light brown or beige in color with brown dots, aged for 3 months, and made from organic raw cashew nuts and Brazil nuts. Made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. Firm, slightly nutty, smooth in texture and very rich in flavor. 2.6 oz. package is $10.99.

Aged Cashew and Kale Cheese is green in color and made from organic raw cashews and kale and is aged for 3 months. With a texture that's firm yet smooth and slightly creamy, it has a mild flavor that's slightly earthy and vegetal with a hint of tartness. An excellent spreadable cheese for crackers and vegetables alike. 2.6 oz. package is $11.29.

Aged Cashew and Hemp Seed Cheese is camel or natural color with green flecks, aged for 3 months and made from organic raw cashew nuts and Hemp seeds. It is firm but creamy, mild flavor and slightly spicy, ideal for spreading on crackers or vegetables. 2.6 oz. package is $11.29.

Aged Cashew ingredients: Organic cashew nuts, acidophilus, Himalayan pink salt

Aged Macadamia ingredients: Organic macadamia nuts, acidophilus, Himalayan pink salt

Aged Cashew and Brazil Nut Cheese ingredients: Cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, acidophilus, Himalayan pink salt

Aged Cashew and Kale Cheese ingredients: Cashew nuts, kale, acidophilus, Himalayan pink salt

Aged Cashew and Hemp Seed Cheese ingredients: Cashew nuts, acidophilus, hemp seeds, Himalayan pink salt

Nutritional information: Serving size - 1.3 oz. (37g)
Servings per package - 2
Calories per serving - 190
Total fat - 15g (3g saturated)
Sodium - 210mg
Total carbohydrate - 7g (2g fiber, 0g sugars)
Protein - 7g


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Average Rating: (From 58 Reviews): Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Negative Rating
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Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Best Cheese in the world
From of Las Vegas, Nevada on .

I've had ALL the cheese substitutes and Dr. Cow's is the only one that comes close. I've fed this to my non-vegan friends and they couldn't tell the difference. This cheese won't melt but giving up real "phlegm" to keep mother's from being tortured and babies from being murdered is a small price to pay for doing what's ethically and morally right.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating AWESOME
From of Fayetteville, North Carolina on .

If you miss pungent cheese that goes great with crackers and wine, the cashew cheese would be the thing to try. It has an amazingly firm texture that I've never been able to replicate, and is very sharp. Mind you it doesn't taste like the cheese you had in your non-vegan days! It's still amazing.

Positive Rating Negative Rating Negative Rating Negative Rating Negative Rating Not For Me
From of Arlington, Texas on .

Didn't care for these. Too sweet.

Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating OMG This blew my mind
From of Miami, Florida on .

I ordered all of the cheese flavors to taste them all for my wedding. I have only tried the Aged Cashew Cheese thus far, and I am so taken back at how amazing the cheese is and how similar the texture is. I am buying this product for my family and sending a cheese to all of them! Dairy free feels amazing

Positive Rating Negative Rating Negative Rating Negative Rating Negative Rating Ew
From of Athens, Georgia on .

I tried Cashew and Dulse and it was awful. One of the worst things I have ever tasted. Maybe my expectation of "cheese" was too strong but it was horrible and I had to throw it away. Waste of $11! I don't like Daiya because they use palm oil but this was not good at all. I have no idea how many people have liked it.

Read All Reviews | Submit a Review

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